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without your love

... where would I be

... where would I be
23 February
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You lead with your eyes, follow with your heart (belleferret)

Get Quotes - Find more at TVLoop

Get Quotes - Find more at TVLoop

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A shy little bee looked inside a window. There it saw a gathering of people, laughing, cheering, speaking to each other. But they were all bigger in size and more beautiful and their clothes were of attractive paintings of rich colors and patterns, while the bee only had yellow and black stripes painted alternately on its body.

After some moments, determination got into its heart. The bee set aside all its hesitation and built its courage. It would get to know those fascinating people. It knew it could. Its heart told it so.

And so the bee fluttered its tiny, undersized wings.

Started to the direction of the window.



It realized only too late

that the window had a thick layer of glass.

The bee is me.

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