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This is the first year I get to do fasting for the whole day again after I got GERD two years ago. Last year I also fasted but just for half day because I was still afraid of my condition. Having GERD like that I was afraid of having an empty stomach or a too full stomach during the breaking of the fast. This year I also started by doing the half day fasting for three or four days, taking a break not fasting at all for a day because of my foolishness eating durian at night that resulted in having palpitations, and suddenly on the next day I felt like, yes, I can do it. I will fast and this time it's for the whole day.

I couldn't really explain why I suddenly felt that because earlier and also the previous year, I was totally afraid and doubtful.

CZ Trick or Treat

Would be lovely if you join us. :D

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Time. Is it elastic or bending or what? Something is stealing it, that's for sure, cos it's already October, how did that happen? BUT, at least it means Halloween is coming. Casey and Zeke are planning an awesome celebration and would love if you are able to join them in a CZ Trick or Treat party. No word count, as big or little as you like, as long as it relates to one or other - or preferrably both - our wickedly cute boys. The trick or treat part means it can be ultra-spooky and chilling or cracky/funny/hotly delicious. Crossovers/mashups welcome. Post in your journal on the Feast of Samhain/Fright Night Oct 31st. If you would like to use a prompt, try out some of the phrases/titles below. I know things are mad-busy and sadly stressed for some of us just now, so no pressure. But I'm committing to this full-on this time and if some of you can too, that would be so amazing. Let's blast those long dark nights with sizzling CZ and hot chocolate. Sound good?? You know it! xxx

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